April 12, 2009

The colour of fun

Today is the colour of fun. Sunshine and shadows on green bright leaves. Blue sky and milky-coffee brown. The rich red of the tiny strawberries ripening on the bushes. Yellow. And blue. And gold. The colours of warmth and peace and optimism.

I spent half the day yesterday drawing. Tussling with, wrestling with, struggling with my drawings. Blog less: draw more. Sorry kids. (Not that you hang on every word). Fancy a thousand images instead?

This morning's bright delight sparked by an idea. An idea of the ah-ha, Eureka! and so forth running down the garden wet from the bath (look it up). Fortified and ready to give it a go. The paints are out, the scanner is humming: I haven't anything to show you yet, but boy, is it exciting.

Here's one of the drawings I was wrestling with yesterday. Trouble with the angles on the coffee machine, but I quite like the look of concentration on her face, pursing her lips as she focuses on making the froth for the cappuccino.


Tinniegirl said...

You are so talented Bev. I love this drawing. Can't wait to see what else you are up to.

CurlyPops said...

Maybe we could do sketching / drawing for one of the craft bonanzas?
You just have to promise that you won't laugh at mine!

Nikki said...

Loving this!!!

Your drawings are so beautifully evocative... I can hear that coffee machine!

Taccolina said...

Thanks guys! That's really nice. And yes, Cam, let's do a draw-in! (I would never laugh; you should see the ones I don't post)

eileenr said...

I love it. Nothing wrong with it.