April 2, 2008

Thrifty delights for a thrifty gal

This weekend, just before I spun myself into a sniffly downward spiral, I spent a Saturday morning at Savers, the Sydney Road superstore-sized thrift shop.

Sydney Road is a fun, eclectic place, and Savers - well, it's a treasure trove of dangerous delights! I have only been for two brief visits before, but this time I managed to sneak off on my own for a couple of carefree hours, to find some new clothes for autumn. The weather's going colder, and it's time to rug up!

There was another delightful reason for my spree: over the last 6 months I've lost almost 10kilos (that's 22lbs in the old style), and none of my clothes fit anymore! This is a pleasant predicament, but it could be expensive, and we are soon to spend every cent on a round the world trip. So I told myself my limit was $50, and off I went to the emporium of delights.

Now, as anyone who can sew will attest, there's a danger in all this. Every garment prompts ideas: 'Oh, I'll just remodel this, take off the sleeves, add a new lining and...' Presto, the unfinished objects pile reaches sky-high.

I'd like to think I contained myself on this particular jaunt. If you could call 5 jackets, one top and a handmade piece of embroidery restraint. It came in nicely under the prerequisite $50, and I am all rugged up in new and lovely jackets for fall.

Now all I need to do is to add some darts, replace the lining, and maybe add some ribbon from my stash to the inside front....

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