April 29, 2008

Good morning sunshine....

Things are heating up around here as the departure date for our big trip gets ever closer. I think I was in denial. Now I'm just in trouble.

Two weeks from yesterday, we'll be in Rome. I've been drinking lots of espresso coffee to get in training: yessir, my plan for Rome this time around involves strolling, coffee, gelato, and a select few etruscan and ancient sights.

Two days in Rome, and then we're off up the length of the boot, to arrive in Treviso, just outside of Venice, two weeks later. I plan to go silly on looking at art galleries and villas.

At our house this week, colds and coughs are de rigeur, it's cold and sunny outside, and a few projects have been finishing themselves off quietly while I wait for the latest dose of decongestant to take effect:

First, that baby quilt. All quilted, and some embellishments as well.

(No, the dog is not an embellishment.)

(Definitely not.)

Then, some fun stitching to make fabric postcards:

Recognise the model?

No, it's not ME!

Have a great week.....

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