April 12, 2008

Lazy Dawg

You'll have to excuse me if I sound bemused as I write today. I'm sitting next to my dog, Toby - or perhaps I should say he's snoozing next to my computer - and every once in a while he gives out a contented little sleepy grunt. Sort of like the noise I imagine hibernating bears would occasionally make, deep, warm and comfortable in their winter beds and enjoying good dreams. I hope he's having excellent little-bear dreams.

I just snapped this photo of the little bear in his comfy travel crate. I wish I could be that cosy, some days.

It's a leisurely slow morning for all of us today. J. has a cold, and he's demanding a dippy egg (soft egg with toast) -- after all, what is love if you can't ask for a dippy egg and toast soldiers when you're 42? Toby-dog didn't want to run and play in the park this morning, preferring to sit and leeeaaan on my leg while sniffing the wonderful smells that must be wafting on the air. Maybe that's what he dreams about? And I was feeling as if I'd over-indulged last night (I've discovered that my weight-loss diet is so 'clean' that when I drink red wine I now keel over like I've made been on a binge of Dionysian proportions, even when I haven't!). So I made pancakes with baked quince and yogourt, and we'll all just doze for a while....

This is what is delighting me online this morning:
- gorgeous quilted postcards from Ailie Snow - and her most recent work, Littoral. Her "ladies" series of quilts reminds me of some of the characters in the poetic novels by Jane Urquhardt - especially her wonderful Canadian classic, Away.
- Japanese fabrics from SuperBuzzy - "SuperBuzzy, we love you!"
- Posters and Advertisements from this Ephemera and Other Printed Matter set on Flicker, compiled by P-E Fronning.

...Which is where I got the cover of this P.G. Wodehouse book - a fantastic design for another author on my top ten list (perfect for flu days, perhaps I should provide J. with a Wodehouse along with that dippy egg I'm going to go and make now....)

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