April 5, 2008

In at the finish

I notice that I have been posting a lot of new projects lately - it seems I'm on a roll with starting things, so here's an update on a few finishes.

Still working on the baby quilt, last night I managed to get it all sandwiched together and basted. Can I just say, much as I love quilting, I hate basting! It has to be the only part of the process that I don't enjoy, so I put it off. And all the time I'm basting away, I dream of a fairy godmother quilter who will come in, wave her magic wand, and presto, basted quilt, sans wrinkles.

Here are some finished lovelies. I'm enjoying the colour combinations I can make up!

And here is another one, this one's for me and I am going to go to town on the embroidery on top of these shapes:

Have a happy, stitchy weekend!

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