March 9, 2008


This weekend is a long weekend, which means.... extra time to sew!

A valiant and enjoyable battle is waging in my front room - fabric is flying, snips are being snipped, threads are all over, the iron is hot (and I've even set it up properly), and there's a companionable whirring coming from the sewing machine.

Here's the first item to emerge, completed, from the wreckage:

This t-shirt was given to me this Christmas by my Mom, and I loved the design on it - really cute, and well drawn. But it was a little too long, and I just wasn't wearing it. It was what I call, an American-style t-shirt - high neck, long straight body, and longer wide sleeves. Here's an idea of what it was like:

Nothing wrong with that!~ I just wanted to wear it more, so out came the scissors and the pins. I don't pretend to be anything of a seamstress, but I love remodelling t-shirts! It's easy, and you can be pretty courageous and wait to see how it will come out.

I had a little trouble getting the neckline right, so in good t-shirt remodelling style, that means covering the oops with a scrap of beautiful quilting fabric:

And one on the sleeve for good measure.

Two more t-shirts on the way! And the applique project is taking shape, too. I love weekends....

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