March 21, 2008

Colour Wash

Two tidy tea towels with snippy scraps of sewn-on summer.

I've had very little time to sew over the last week and a half, since the long weekend, and the old fingers are itchin'. So I welcome the Easter weekend with quiet glee.

It's now official: I have resigned from my day job, and we are embarking on an 8-10 week around the world jaunt. The idea has been bubbling along for a while now, and what was originally a plan for a brief holiday in Europe later this year has become the catalyst for a complete change of plan, a desire to throw all the pieces up in the air and to see what happens when they come down again, and above all, time for a major life change.

So if you are one of the kind friends who provides accommodation for us in the UK, please at least try to look surprised if you receive one of these sets of colourful applique treats.

A major reason for travelling is the people we want to visit. We've been in Australia for 3 years now, and we miss our UK friends and family, none of whom have managed to make it out to see us here. It's just SUCH a long way, as we well know and are coming to understand, the longer it takes us to confirm our round-the-world itinerary.

Thinking of seeing everyone naturally leads the quilter to grand designs for handmade gifts. Ah, you say. 'Ah'. - That will only lead to the heartbreak of late-night stressed-out sewing the day before we arrive at Friend A or Friend B's house.

Yes, I know. But I'm doing it anyway.

If my sister can bear with me 'just tucking in a few last ends' on the quilt I made for her, all through a 10-day visit to Quebec city, then my friends will laugh and make me cups of tea, too. After all, what are friends for?

Here are a couple more details of the things on the way:

This design is an American folk art flower. I've just got to add in a stem (embroidered), and some more freehand stitching. But I'm quite pleased with the way it looks so far.

There will be red ones, and a set of white and buff-coloured ones, and perhaps a yellow and white one with a bee on it. - One thing at a time!

The applique is done with Wonder-under, ironed down, and stitched around with zig-zag stitches on the machine, as well as freehand embroidery to hold down and embellish the colourful bits.

And I sewed some bright Indian woven ribbon into the opposite corner so that you can hang them up in the kitchen.

Hoping for more sewing fun over this long weekend. Happy Easter to you!

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