March 24, 2008

All Too Exciting!

Ok, this has got to be the quickest quilt top I've ever made.

A wonderful friend of mine, in London, just gave birth to a miracle baby girl last Wednesday. I say miracle, because the first two were IVF babies and this one decided that she'd just come along to surprise Mom and Dad, and I think that's pretty wild and amazing. I'm sure they did, too!

I can hardly WAIT to meet this young lady! It's only 2 months 'till we get there.

I've been stacking and re-stacking fat quarters for a while now. Something to do with having a table directly under a window that gets filtered afternoon sunshine, and now that it's not burning hot in the afternoons, I'm back in there.

So I had a shoebox under the sunny window, and I kept popping in fat Q's that remind me of summery days until it was fit to burst at the seams....

So the quilt was made in a spirit of celebration, with sunshine and butterflies - and for once, because this time I am so far behind the game that I know she's a little girl, I've gone to town on the florals (this is pretty extremely floral for me). I hope you love it, my lovely friend, when you get the real thing!

Now to quilt and to sew down the flower extra-tight against little fingers pulling it off.

Just don't ask me about finishing any of the other projects I've been enthusing about. I'm getting there already... :-) Blue tea towels are done, a stack of mending ('What?! take away her quilting certificate! That girl wastes time on mending!'). Well, it's done. Just a couple of massive projects with scary deadlines to go. No problem. Pass the coffee.

Now it's off to finish that research application. I'm having a few butterflies of my own as I have to part from the application and set it loose in that big scary competitive pool. Just don't mention the words 'quilt' and 'procrastination' in the same sentence - I will deny it all strenuously.

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