March 2, 2008

Inspired by folk art

Yesterday, we went to our local travel agent to see what it will cost to run away to Europe for a few weeks this year. I can't tell you how the concept fills me with glee! After we had a chat with the very helpful agent, we - without discussing it - headed for the very interesting-looking secondhand bookshop we had spotted across the street.

I bought two exciting art books, and I've been thinking about them all day since. One of them has got the quilt twitch good and happening in the old fingertips.

The Decorative Arts of Sweden (there are actually several pages online if you want to read them) was written in 1948 by Iona Plath, and this edition was published in 1966. So, we're not talking about glossy home and lifestyle illustrations here; in fact, we're not even talking about colour. But the illustrations had me in a whirl of ideas, as well as rather awe-struck by the work and skill that went into making these handicrafts.

I guess a Canadian like me ought to know that the winters are long and quiet, but this stitching is incredible!

There are also lovely wall paintings, which beg to be worked in applique, or painted onto quilt tops and then stitched:
So here's my first attempt at a couple of rough sketches for stitching: I could even see the bottom one as a quilting design, couldn't you?

And this ribbon would look incredible, don't you think? I think another quilt design is about to insist on being born.

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