September 6, 2009

Things I like

Sunday morning, up early and baking cakes. There are a few things I like about a quiet Sunday at home.

  • An early walk with the dog. We've got the streets to ourselves and we can admire the sunlight sparkling through the trees. Be nosy and stare at things in gardens, mutter to ourselves (should we wish -- the dog's good at this), and generally slouch around the block. 
  • Time to sew. Well, when don't I appreciate this? 
  • Quiet. Quiet all around. And more quiet.
Ironically, I was awoken rudely, early today, by an obnoxious bird sitting in the tree outside the bedroom window.

He/she has been there every morning this week from 5:30 to 6AM.

Honestly, I never knew birds could shout so loud. Must be spring.
He's probably yelling:

"Look at me, ladies, I'm a hunka-hunka birdy luuve, and I've got this here tree ALL TO MYSELF. 


Mr. Tacc asked me why I thought it was a he. "Maybe it's a she", he said.


Who said birdies sat in trees and delicately twittered? Hah. Damn fool, them.

I've got a linen jacket all cut out and awaiting the very important decision about lining. The jacket is heavy linen, dark blue. I'm thinking batik, red and white gingham or some crazy floral glazed cotton I've got somewhere. It's a casual short sleeved jacket. I've never made a jacket before, so wish me luck. If you don't see photos, even progress shots, you know it's all gone badly and I'l be making a quilt with very small linen triangles in it, all in a nice coordinated blue...

Now, for a piece of warm cake, a cup of coffee, and I'm off to give it a go!


CurlyPops said...

I love it when serious coats have a crazy lining inside that you only get a peek of when the wearer takes it off!

cath said...

things i like: your posts!!

my vote is for the "crazy floral glazed cotton"

whatever you choose, enjoy!!

PottyMouthMama said...

Your Sunday sounds as it should be. Perfect.

It most definitely was a boy bird. They're always prettier and they're always noisier. Gigolos!

As for the jacket - GO WILD!

PottyMouthMama said...

And I meant to say - as always I LOVE your spoon. Go on and have an exhibition why don't you??