September 13, 2009

Book and bag

While I was away, I did a packet-load of crafting. Here's just one of the things I made which has been in my handbag ever since. It's just a pouch, but useful, very useful! Two kinds of fabric fused to woven interfacing, with a vintage sheet lining. (More of that sheet later!)

We're gearing up for the launch of the cookbook this coming weekend: lists and ingredients, lots of helpers to muster. It's plenty to organise but I'm starting to look forward to it, too. We'll celebrate and start giving the cookbooks away through some of the community groups in the bushfire-affected areas. Should be lots of fun.


CurlyPops said...

I love that you kept the selvedge attached to make the pouch. Good luck on the weekend. Hope it's a blast!

lisette said...

lovely pouch - i think i need more pouches in my life....

well done on the recipe book - i just saw it at my sister's house and i think i need to buy a copy