July 7, 2009

Tirrah, me luvs!

Toodle pip and what not, this is the Queen.

Hellew, hellew, that's the Royal Queen in the back, doing the Royal Wave.

We have just enjoyed ourselves immensely with the sewing peeps (I mustn't say plebs, so they tell me) at their dainty little shack, which is frightfully marvellous dreamy little place called Sewjourn.

(Hem, hem - whatever happened to simple names like Balmoral, wot? You could have a place called Sewmoral and then they wouldn't do all that silly business with the red wine and cackling over faintly off-colour jokes. Not morally lady-like, we can't help but feel).

Be it as it may, we are reliably informed that what happens at Balmoral - er, Sewjourn - stays at Sewjourn. I shall not pass judgement on the contents of the recycle bin at the end of the weekend

>crash, clank - sound of another gin bottle being chucked onto the pile< -- Whew, it's too exhausting being Queenie. Here's a quick picture show of the weekend's delights. The moral ones, that is. The mornings of looking at the view.
The days of sewing and talking, and the afternoons of messing about.

Bev and Serena: Hey, if we get a picture of our reflection in the window and the mirror ALL at the SAME time, that would be COOL!

Them: Didn't you say you were making tea?!? Come on, where are those hot steaming mugs of fuel for sewing superstars?

Us: ...oh yeah.

The evenings by the fire...

... my, my, I think the censors had to edit out some bal-morality problems with this image for the poor blogless Queen.

And finally, the product of a busy weekend:

And with borders on, resting on the sofa -- oh no, we have to pack up and GO!

What a great weekend, and a lovely, talented bunch of ladies.



cath said...

LOVE that quilt - very beautiful!

CurlyPops said...

Your quilt top is so beautiful - can't go past a quilt top on a hills hoist!
I'm still chuckling at the mirror photo with you and Serena...

Joanne said...

Sounds wonderful! Perfect way to while away winter hours.

Michelle said...

Ha ha ha ha!

Your majesty, you are heeeelarious!!

Love the quilt. Just love it.

Tinniegirl said...

I love that first photo.

Megan said...

I'm so jealous, that looks like a marvellous way to pass time. Especially the bit about the gin.

handmaiden said...

looks like the perfect weekend for a group of crafty chicks

Serena said...

Hello. it's Queenie here... you have captured the spirit of the weekend most splendidly. Carry on.

Bellgirl said...

yoo hoo! your quillt top looks wonderful, I especially like the photo on the couch. And exciting- I've finished my friend's cot quilt and my zippered pouch! can't find my camera charger so no photo to post yet. Ta-ra and toodle pip!

Bianca Jae Makes Stuff said...

Quilt is fantastic, love the birds. Looks like you ladies had a lovely time. Wee bit silly too!! xox

Taccolina said...

Us, silly? (How could it be?)