July 12, 2009

Sleepy Sunday

Ribbon that's good enough to nibble...

Sweet stitching, working on a project I can't show you yet (she reads the blog), drinking tea with a lovely friend while kids go wild on an old pogo stick out in the yard. They're popping up and down on the path and they occasionally hit the grass, where the pogo plug takes out a round ball of grass and dirt. Surreptitious looks at us inside, pretending we don't notice as they quietly pat the grass and dirt back into place. Nice kids, her pre-teen and a friend.

I've had a headache all day and it puts me in a dreamy space. Not unpleasant, not really, apart from the ache and the way things sort of -shift- as I look at them. Won't be on the computer for long.

But what I have been doing is astounding me with the beauty of what people create. Look at this.

Illustration by Finnish artist, Hanna Konola - whose quiet little people are deceptively simple.

And this, also by Hanna Konola.

And so many things at the Buy Olympia site - such as

- Papercuts by artist Nikki McClure, who inspires and delights with her intricate and quirky 1930s-looking papercuts of people, trees, and the world.

- Or these gorgeous cards from Jill Bliss and Saelee Oh. How tempting to order up big and have them delivered to my North American address, for happy hopping all the way home with me...

And planning for travel. I've been researching gorgeous crafty destinations in the Seattle area, as it turns out I'll be there for the weekend, the weekend after next.

Hunting online for markets, studios and interesting places. Finding out about neighbourhoods (seeing as I choose the hotel, I'm choosing one somewhere near a good market, right?) And great suggestions would be welcomed! (I've never been there before and so it's a solo craft adventure while Mr Tacc admires aero-planes.) I find a weekend on my own in a new, foreign city inspires me with equal parts anxiety and glee. Excitement at exploring; fear at not knowing how things work and where they are, but mainly concern that I would miss something WONDERFUL, AMAZING, FANTASTIC.

Do you get like that at times, too?


Anna said...

Imagining an itinerary for a new place is my favourite favourite thing! Here's some bits and pieces on Seattle I've tucked away for one day (haven't actually been there...):





Taccolina said...

Wow, thank you Anna! I'm checking all of them out right now... - B

Bellgirl said...

Gotta love a pogo stick:)

Ooh and I love that ribbon with the vegies on it!

Hope the headache's better.

Michelle said...

How fantastic! Seattle!

I think Not Martha is from there - check her blog out for tips on crafting in Seattle.

We stayed in town the first time and hated it (too noisy, too busy, crazy people everywhere - well it was Halloween), so the second time stayed up in Capitol Hill in a B&B which was lovely. Can't help you on the crafting front though! Have fun!

Tinniegirl said...

I am green with envy in the most horrible way. You are going to have the most fabulous time I'm sure.

Suse said...

Seattle is one of my favourite cities. Have fun!

Liesl (Hoppo Bumpo) said...

Woohooo .... how exciting! It sounds like a flying visit (excuse the pun!) - but will be amazing. I am also green with envy :)