June 25, 2009

Ideas, ideas

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Always looking for ideas now... I'm about to head off on a lunchtime drawing expedition into the sunshine and lanes of Melbourne. Just before I go, I've been checking out some educational blogs and classroom websites for work stuff, and I came across this amazing image of a carved decoration. Looking at the caption, I realise it comes from the amazing castle we visited this time last year in Denmark. Synchronicity.

I'm drawing every day now, and it feels like all I have to do is pick up the pen and stuff flows out the ends. Some drawings are better than others, but it's not the result so much as the action.

Don't you love that groovy pose of the cherub on top?

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Ellieboo said...

That is one cheeky cherub dude!! Glad to hear the drawing is coming thick and fast - it sounds like you are enjoying yourself