June 11, 2009

Out and about

This drawing is not by me, but it encapsulates what is going on over here. A bit of skipping girl artistic life being gleefully skipped through. If that's fair to say. Now that I've been captured by a cold and forced to sit still, I can tell you a bit about what's been going on.

Lots of drawing!
I started my children's book illustration course last Saurday, and enjoyed myself enormously. Since then, I've been drawing every day. Everything from good old mundane things (traffic lights, rubber boots and a pot of anchovies) to wild characters (a dragon on a trampoline).
Also surreptitious drawing of fellow-commuters on crowded trains. One of them clearly paid me back by sharing their germs. (Atchoo!)

Lots of editing
Since I took on this job over six months ago, I've seen quite a few titles onto the page and off to press. The fun part is always choosing the designer, working on the design, getting illustrations (if the book needs it) and seeing the whole thing come together.

Last Friday, there was a little bit of dancing around our offices: the book closest to my heart came out and it's FAB! Super-fantastic material, great cartoon illustrations, fun design and the coolest program for kids to make and analyse videos. If you're a teacher, you need one of these. I've seen a lot of educational books, but don't you love it when one of them falls together so perfectly?

Lots of thinking
I'm still working on the Artist's Way program. This week, I'm supposed to avoid reading, to allow me time to let my own voice come back above al the words, words, words that fill my life (life, life - it's like a song!)

How does an editor not read? I asked myself this question with much incredulity and some angst. Well, very effectively, as it turns out. The funny thing is that my boss commented today on how I am hauling butt this week (not her words). The secret? Write contracts, briefs, emails and harrass people by phone. Next week I'll read.

Lots of organising
My passport expired. My tax returns were a mess. My bookshelves were dusty. My shoes in the closet were in a heap.

Did you notice the past tense? I'm getting to it. It's all going away.

Lots of sneezing
And finally, a cup of Lemsip and a little sit down. Sorry I've been away.


CurlyPops said...

Hope you get better soon Bev... atchoo!

Michelle said...

Oh dear! You've done so much, but catching a cold just sucks!

Feel better soon!!

Lily Boot said...

Awesome! It all sounds wonderful! The Artist's Way sounds interesting -what is it about? You must have such a cool job - being an editor - that would be great. :-)

Jacqui said...

How great to read this post - you're all fired up and it's fantastic! I worked as an editor for years and if anything, it stopped me reading (for pleasure anyway). I have an old copy of the Artist's Way, battered and worn, beside my bed. It is yet another relic from my artistic past that I found in a box when setting up my studio. I pulled it out, dusted it off, and have been eying it for a few months. Even your horrible germs don't seem to have dampened your spirit - I hope they go away v. quickly. Rest up, dream and keep drawing x