May 5, 2008

Textiles and technology

I'm always astounded at the variety and wonderful creativity of people who make things. All sorts of things, from typography to t-shirts, robot puppets and rubber boots, there's so much interesting design to see on the web.

Today I'm tickled pleased by the blog We Made This, put together by the good folks at a studio in London. I haven't looked for a few months, so I enjoyed a nice long wander reeling back through design goodies and print delights, from Stephen Fry to Semapedia linksplats to Pirate Supplies. (Arr! Shiver me timbers, it's all about writing... innit great?)

Check this out:

The Space Invader scarf from has a QR code knitted into it. What's a QR code? I've never seen these before, maybe they haven't really hit Australia, but the square visual design is a code that can be scanned by a mobile phone to take you straight to a website. Clothing, posters, and street-taggers worldwide - these codes could pop up all sorts of places!

So here's a QR code tag photo of Melbourne's Flinders Street station. I cross the street to this station every day, and it never fails to delight me a little or a lot, yellow against blue skies, or yellow on grey, or the swirls of people meeting in Melbourne's traditional spot: Under the clocks.Posted on flickr by cologne555.

More links:
- Office Lendorff pixel art knitwear - a very cool website
- They do such desirable laptop sleeves! (mmm)

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