May 22, 2008

The Duke's delights, patterns part 1

Everywhere I go, I'm seeing patterns. (And good cafes, and tourists, and nice young men who want to sell me umbrellas...)

I thought I'd share a few: there will be some more later.

First, this stone scallop pattern in the small town of Urbania (not to be confused with Urbino, just down the road). Urbania was the site of the hunting box (read, small palace), of the Dukes of Urbino, circa 1500s. When we got there, it was girating with excitement at the prospect of the Giro d'Italia (Italy's Tour de France) passing through in two days' time. We got the sense nothing quite this exciting had happened for a long time....

A short rain shower cleared the square and I was able to turn around into a quiet corner to snap this photo: wouldn't that make a great quilting pattern or a basis for an art quilt design?

Here's another thing: the battlements of one of the ducal palaces: scallops and windows and slats and lovely lines for composition.

Then, we did finally make it to Urbino itself, and the main Palazzo Ducale, where we spotted this wonderful marble carved border around the enormous doors. I think this is my favourite pattern of the three..... embroidery, anyone?

Now we're off to see the museum of the works of the cathedral in Florence, and some coffee, and maybe if we are strong, climbing that whopping great dome (from the inside).

Need I mention, it's raining?

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