February 23, 2010

Exciting sewing stuff


After my sewing frenzy (way back at Christmas), followed by the incredible illness (boring), and the working too hard February, I finally got back to the sewing machine on Sunday night.

And just in the nick of time!

Look what showed up in the mail yesterday:

MM-hhm! I had been hearing about Ottobre magazine online for a while now. Lots of sewing bloggers rate it very highly, so I quietly put it  on my Christmas list, and my lovely parents got me a subscription. Just the women's clothing magazine; I don't have kids to sew for, but I love what I've seen of the patterns and wanted to give it a try.

You can preview what's in this issue on their website.

I can't decide what to make first! I'm not likely to make the cover top, but look at the preview to see the retro trousers and tops, and my favourite, the blue silk and linen ensemble. I think I'll need to practise before attempting the delights of the blue tulip-skirted coat.

Yippee! Thanks Mom and Dad!


Anonymous said...

LOVE the retro trousers!

Ellieboo said...

I subscribe to the kids version of Ottobre which I lovebut have not really checked out the adults - hope you have fun back at your sewing machine

Joanne said...

Sorry to hear you haven't been well but glad you're on the mend. You are going to be a busy woman!

Bellgirl said...

Lovely new logo BTW- makes me hungry!

(haha, the word verification thing for my comment is 'forka' ;)