December 2, 2009

Some days the paint just muddles

... and puddles, and goes grey and bloopy. (That's a word).

So, some days I draw instead. Here's a recent scribble. I was wishing I could go to the market more often, but when it was done, I was surprised that she didn't look like she was having a grand old time.

Wonder what's up with her?



thornberry said...

Lovely drawing Bev - lots of feeling in it. I wonder what's up too?

willywagtail said...

She lives in Melbourne, she's hot and exhausted and it's still a long way to go before the shopping is all packed away. Wishing she had left early in the morning instead of at 11:30. Cherrie

cath said...

LOVE the copyright in the corner ... awesomeness!

Bellgirl said...

Perhaps they'd run out of cheese at the market? That's how I'd feel ;)

Anonymous said...

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