December 26, 2009

Excuse me, but I'm at the winebar

I'll be the one in the corner, quietly sketching the crowd as the bar staff serve wine and nibbles.

I'll be the one starting tentatively (oh what if someone sees I'm drawing and takes offense?) - So I'm the one who convinced my husband to come with me, not just once, but several times. (Hallelujah for free wireless hotspots!)

I'm also the one who draws tight cramped little drawings at first, sip, sip, and then looser lovely lines, sip, sip, slurp, and then great wild whacking scrawls half-imbued with the fumes of the nice sauvignon blanc or the sangiovese.

Yes, it's true folks: there's a limit of one glass for a reason.
I definitely can't drink and draw.


Jennifer said...

Love the sketches! Seeing them makes me want to draw. If only there was more time in a day...

eileenr said...

Keep posting them. I check everyday. Do you have a thing called Mr. Sketchy. A friend and I keep saying we'll check it out. It's a life drawing class at a bar using usually burlesque performers. Should be fun and the drawings should get looser by the end of the evening.

Joanne said...

Lovely! I smiled at the comment about taking offence. Its one of the biggest hurdles for me taking photographs in public places. You're doing so seeing your latest character pop up in my blog reader.