March 3, 2009

The yarn lady's laughing at me

Well, after yesterday's excitement, posting the photo of my stitching practice piece, I could hardly wait for the day to end.

Not because there was anything wrong with it: just because when the work day is over, I follow the stream of commuters down to the station, and -- oops! -- trip over the doorstep of Cleggs. Now, I know their selection and prices are a little less and more than I'd like, but the fact that they are on the way home makes popping in as easy as picking up a take-away coffee. It has the same illicit pleasure too: I know I could look around, but it was just here, see, and it's so soooft, and it's blue!

Anyway, I was quizzing the lady in the yarn section about hook sizes for various yarn and asking her advice aout trying my first and one and only crochet scarf. She started to get a twinkle. She was very helpful. - And as she popped my skein of wool and hook in a bag at told me to have fun, she cracked a huge grin at my perky response: "I will!"

Oh my ears and whiskers! - As they say.


Anonymous said...

Aha - the addiction begins! First one ball of yarn and one hook, and before you know it you'll be hooking away constantly! Especially with Cleggs so handy...

Michelle said...

What Lara said! It's very addictive, and that cxan only be a good thing, right?

It's also something that's pretty useful for a long (or short) commute to work.

Looking forward to seeing more crochet adventures!

Jacqui said...

I've got two things to say to you:

variegated wool

'cause I know where this is heading - once you're carrying the wool in your bag, your gone. I started with a scarf and it was all down hill from there (and yours is much better than my first attempts).

By the way, aren't you supposed to save the fancy edge til last? :)