March 28, 2009

What's Cookin'?

Today was a recipe for a great day. Sort of in the ethos of the Slow Food movement, today was a Slow Saturday of cheer and sunshine.

It began with hot cross buns and coffee, a walk in the park and a chat with neighbours (and their dogs).

We don't buy hot cross buns very often, and I've sometimes tried to make my own, resulting in a hot cross me with little lumps of dough, rapidly turning rock-hard. Mr Tacc saved the day when he came home from the Vic Market on Friday and casually announced that he'd bought some hot cross buns. Not just any hot cross buns: gooey, sticky, yeasty, spice-laden raisin-hoarding buns from the bakery ladies. I forgive them a year of a mild taciturn tendency for these buns.

So, nice buns, tick. (giggle) Coffee, tick. Off I went to the market at Thornbury, to meet with lots of lovely crafters, gossip and eye the cupcakes, and generally just mooch around the colourful stall of goodness known as the Curlypops and Tinniegirl shop. Yay!

These two did a super job, and their colourful wares looked amazing. So amazing that I had to take some home with me.... yes, Ms Curlypops, I secretly had my eye on that orange apron from the moment the teatowel was glimpsed in the corner. And when it was revealed, well -- I decided that if the gods were smiling, it would be my new apron.

-It is!

So, welcome! Come on in, and make yourselves at home. Something nice is cooking and the chef has a silly smile at the thought of her lovely new apron.

Last year, I decided Earth Hour was an occasion, worthy of celebration with a fantastic dinner by candlelight, and maybe a game of cards to follow.

Here's what's on the menu tonight:

Organic chicken braised in wine with olives, tarragon and home-grown tomatoes.
Baked jacket potatoes, crusted with Murray River salt.
Pumpkin baked in olive oil, dusted in cumin, chilli and rubbed with garlic.
Crisp green salad.

Oops, we ate dessert already. Maybe a zucchini cake will get made while the chicken finishes roasting (says she, spying there's about 6 minutes left on the time).

Dinner's on! Must go and set the table, cloth and candles, while the bird browns. Earth's worth it.


beccasauras said...

Mmm, you've made me so hungry!! It sounds delicious- pity you've had dessert! I'd throw a lemon meringue pie, or apple danish in with it, my 2 favourite desserts. Great to see you again today, it was a greta market, I had to drag Sibbi out so I could more op shops! Didn't get home till 3pm. A good day, definately....

CurlyPops said...

OMG what a scrumptious dinner! The apron even matches your lovely pumpkin shot. Enjoy your candlelight... seeyou next Saturday. PS Thanks so much for being my very first apron buyer at the market.

PaisleyJade said...

Apron looks great and so does the dinner!!

handmaiden said...

A very yellow post today, looks like you've had fun

Troischats said...

Taccolina, I am so jealous of your Happiness apron! It's just wonderful. It was great to meet you yesterday and chat!

Michelle said...

I'm hearing so many lovely things about that market! I hope my friend in Thornbury went along. And lucky you getting that apron!