July 10, 2008

London life

I'm going to make a confession: I'm a little overwhelmed by London. Maybe it's not the city itself, because I'd like to think that having been here dozens, even hundreds of times before, for work and for play, I'm not completely unused to it.

But it's the old London quandary: there is something interesting happening at every single minute of every single day, and I am just going to have to accept that I will miss things. Like Hampton Court Palace, or a concert at the Wigmore Hall. -And any number of exhibitions that sound interesting, or downright fascinating.

Am I complaining? No, definitely not. I'm on holiday, I'm fascinated by the wealth of arts and popular culture here, but I have to accept that there are only so many hours in the day, and that like many humans, I need to sleep! (And, alas! you still have to do laundry when on holiday, when you've been away as long as we have).

So for today, our last day in London, I am resisting the urge to run around in circles, hyperventilating at the prospect of leaving so much richness, and just zen it on through.

Tired, but happy.


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