July 9, 2008

Just doing a bit of ironing...

I threatened to tell you more about the V&A: and here it is!

One of the great things about the V&A is that the collections are divided, in many cases, by the material. So, Ironwork has its own galleries, which are arranged regardless of the date or country of manufacture of much of the material, in general.

These galleries upstairs hold piece after piece of iron work; gates, grilles, torch brackets, locks, decorations, and all manner of glorious and intriguing things. Black on white walls, shape after shape; it's heaven for any quilter or embroiderer or confirmed pattern-hunter like me.

How about these scrolled beauties, and the phoenix-like birds with branches in their beaks?

And these two really made an impression: I would love to embroider or applique the tree. And look closely, down to the left....

There's a silhouette of a man working metal, his force and implements:

Oh arr, heavy metal delights. That's what I call inspiration!


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