June 3, 2008

Sewing in the Rooftops

I'm sitting in the window of the Paris studio, looking at the rooftops and the rain, cruising the web (we love wireless!), and catching up a bit. There have been so many things I've wanted to blog about, but the Internet access has been very limited. I've saved up a few things to share, but first...
Last night, when we came home after a very nice dinner with our Canadian friends who happened to overlap in Paris at the same time as us. (Have a good flight back home, guys!) - I still had some energy and the light and the window beckoned, so I sat down to start some sewing.
It's a modest effort to say the least, but this is the complete stock of sewing supplies I have with me on the road - weight is limited!

More later, for now we go to hunt the wild baguette....

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