June 20, 2008

Oo, I keep falling down! *

* The title refers to Napleon's Piano - did anyone else grow up with the Goon Show?

While in London, staying with our friends Andy and Lourdes, the talk turned to crafts and knitting, and it turns out that Andy's nan is a wonder-knitter, turning out the most intricate and charming characters for the children.

The British Bobby policeman was amazing! He's a stuffed doll, about 14-16 inches high, with the uniform, the pockets, the badges, even some carefully applied rouge to make his cheeks blush.

These are not the best photos in the world (spot the wineglass in the background...), but I was so delighted by her skill that I had to take a couple to show you.

There's a policeman, and fireman, too.

And a whole family of ducks, full of character with their bouncy rotund bellies, flappy wings and bobble hats.

Don't they just look like they are exclaiming with glee?


Kitsch delight. I love it, and I wish I could knit like this....

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Margaret said...

Oh, those are so gorgeous! I am swilling vino in the bookstore and reading about the Mitford's home village, which is close to Oxford - I've been diligently reading up on Oxfordia, from Auden to Lewis to Bjetelman (spelling?). And that's just the 20C. if we don't make it there, I'm def making a trip sometime. Your pix are feeding my wanderlust!
Margo XOX