January 4, 2009

Little Things

This little coin purse was finished yesterday, with much thumping and banging (who said there would be metalwork involved in sewing? Ha!) It's the progeny of my purse frame class efforts in December with Nikki and the gang (Bellgirl called it a choir, but that sounds more like a 50s pop group) -- and it will soon be heading off in the post as a little surprise for someone. On further details, my lips are sealed!

Today's the last day of my holidays, and it's back to work tomorrow. Ending the holiday as we started it, we are showing around some out-of-towners today, friends of friends, with a road trip out of the city. Part of me wants to stay and sew, ekeing the most out of this hoiday for my most relaxing hobby, but the other part has been out for a walk and seen that it's a beautiful morning, set to be gorgeous day. Do you ever want to cram more than one day's worth of fun into the days you've got?

I suppose that's my theme of the new year - trying to resist cramming - with all of the connotations of stress, discomfort, and shoddy workmanship that it implies! - and enjoying the moment. Be a little less demanding of myself. Learn to follow what's important, not stress about the unimportant things. Right. And with that, I'm off to zip up a couple of seams before we have to hit the road!

Toodle pip.



CurlyPops said...

Those little owls are so cute! What a great suprise to find a beautiful little purse in the mail.

Nikki said...

Aren't you a lovely girl? And that owley fabric is gorgeous!

I know EXACTLY how you feel about wanting to spend the holidays sewing. Beautiful day and the opportunity to spend quality time with my family on an outing, and all I can think of is UNINTERRUPTED SEWING TIME!!!??? I'm completely torn!

Cathy {tinniegirl} said...

Your purse is gorgeous. As for the time issue, I am always wanting more than I have and trying to do more with less. I hope you succeed in cramming less and enjoying more.

Ellieboo said...

What a lovely purse - good job. It is hard to slow down sometimes but necessary at times - good luck to you in 2009

Joanne said...

"Do you ever want to cram more than one day's worth of fun into the days you've got?"

All the time! BTW, the purse is cute.

Amy Badskirt said...

I wish I could join your choir or crew or whatever you'd like to call the marvelous group that met up to make purses.

I just adore those little owls. I have a small bit of this fabric as well. So wonderful!

Liesl said...

What a gorgeous little purse. The prints you have used are just perfect.

Hope you enjoyed your road trip!

Anonymous said...

I am with you this year, I need to enjoy the moment more and not be to obsessive about my blogging