July 8, 2010

Groink, the reprise

So, I may be back in business. My sewing machine has been to see the nice Mr Librarian who also fixes machines, and it's had its innards cleaned and oiled and otherwise looked after. The auto needle-threader doohicky is broken but otherwise, we should be >groink<-less. We hope.

I got back late last night/this morning from a conference in Perth. Four days locked into conference centre, casino and 'entertainment complex'. And they write books about travel between worlds, eh. I feel like I've travelled between two worlds: the fake world of the casino and the real world of the farm. I'm so glad to be back in real farm-world with cold-morning attachment, lovely husband 1.0 and dog 2.1 version attached. In fact, I'm off to enjoy my Crackling Fire app. bye-bye


willywagtail said...

Always better the devil you know than the one you don't. And East or West, Home is best.

Bellgirl said...

It's harder to think of a greater contrast to the farm than a casino! Good to hear your machine is back and the Ottobre outfit can recommence. BTW I finished all my weekend projects this week!

Running Thread said...

It must be nice to be back home. Perfect weather for a crackling fire and some chocolate perhaps??