May 26, 2009

Drunkard's path

No, I'm not talking about me. Or anyone else for that matter! It's the name of this quilt pattern -- a classic red and white design from sometime at the end of the 19th century.

The photo was taken by Mr Tacc some years ago, when he was invigilating an exhibition on quilts from Canada and the UK. Needless to say, we talked about that show endlessly, and as he had plenty of time to look at and think about the quilts, he had lots of interested questions to ask and ideas to discuss.

I remember this quilt because I loved the clarity of the red and white scheme, and the way that the simple repeated shape (quarter circle on square) became complicated and fascinating when you looked more closely. It sort of weaves and dances. Drunkard, indeed -- I think it's just someone having fun, or a kid in a candy shop, or me at Haigh's chocolates (isn't that the same thing?) Looking everywhere at once.

I'm thinking about drawing a lot and reminding myself that in order to draw, you have to look. So pardon me if you come across a gal in the street, giving an intent stare at passers-by, clouds and the sky (today I was taking photos on Collins street at lunch). It's just me, and I'm just looking.


SewHum said...

And it's just not looking....its seeing. I believe that the more you do it the better you get.

Liesl (Hoppo Bumpo) said...

What an amazing quilt - definitely one to keep gazing at.

Look forward to seeing some more drawings (maybe of passers-by and clouds?) soon!

cath said...

invigilating ... NICE!!!

Joanne said...

Its like when I started photographing purposefully- you look at everything as if for the first time- clouds, trees, people, places.
I hope you share some :-)